School of Music


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As Liberty’s campus undergoes a major transformation, plans were made to construct a new academic building for the School of Music. This 140,000 SF building is located directly across the courtyard from the Arthur S. DeMoss Learning Center and Montview Student Union. The state-of-the-art auditorium has seating for up to 1,600 with the ability to reconfigure the layout to accommodate smaller audiences in a more intimate setting. The auditorium also has the ability to convert from a “live” area to help reflect sound to a “dead” venue that will help to absorb sound in higher volume events. This will be one of the only facilities with this technology.

The School of Music building is separated into two distinct centers. The north half of the building houses the classrooms, practice areas, private instruction areas and staff. The south building houses the new 1,600 seat performing arts theater.