Whether we are Construction Manager, Design Builder, General Contractor - or as stand alone Pre-construction services, CMA believes we bring the most value to our clients, and their designers, when we are engaged early in the  process. By assessing Feasibility Studies we can create conceptual logistics, schedule and cost models so that our clients can make more informed decisions earlier in the game.

Clearly one of the most important project considerations is cost. As the industry has moved to intelligent modeling by its architects and engineers, construction managers have been utilizing Revit and CostX software to accurately assess and estimate cost for each component of design.

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This technology allows CMA to provide a detailed cost estimate by trade and component. Then these costs are updated in our Cost Control log as the design and project parameters develop. All of this work is focused on providing the best info to inform decision making.

Using the right technology, completing detailed analyses and constantly updating are all important tools. To fully understand and control cost you must also know the market. We know Central Virginia construction market better than most – we know who is best suited (and who isn’t) to complete the trade work.

In addition to using state of the art Cost Control processes CMA also employs detailed schedule and logistics planning to allow detailed discussions on how and when the work will take place.  When we report to you, we will have done our homework and tested the market to avoid surprises.

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