Phil Kirby

Vice President



Phil has nearly 40 years in the construction business working for large construction companies  on the east coast - the last 25 years in Central Virginia. Phil has been involved in urban private sector developments, higher ed., health and sports projects. Phil was the first employee of CMA and was instrumental in creating its operating structure. With a degree in Architectural Design from Pratt Institute and years of practical building knowledge Phil focuses on planning projects during pre-construction. His understanding of both discipines provides unique insight into the best way to acheive project goals.


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Ambler Johnston Hall Virginia Tech


LU Montview Student Center  



LU Commons Housing II & III

$63,000,000/ $68,000,000    


LU Reber Thomas Dining Hall  



VT E&W Ambler Johnston



UVA John Paul Jones Arena


UVA School of Law Expansion



Monticello Visitor and Smith History Center    



Lynchburg General Hospital Tower Expansion


Lynchburg General Hospital Tower Expansion

Educational Background

Pratt Institute

Bachelor of Architectural Design


Years in Construction


John Paul Jones Arena University of Virginia

JPJ Arena.jpg